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About the Chatterbot Collection


  • 2003 - Remi Poulin created "The Chatterbot Collection".
  • 2006 - KnyteTrypper was the new webmaster (he updated the site for 6 months).
  • 2007 - Remi Poulin continued the site again.
  • 2008 - Freddy (AiDreams) became the new webmaster.
  • 2008 - August: Freddy finished converting the Chatterbot Collection into an online database, the product of which you see now.
  • 2009 - February : Freddy redesigned the site.
  • 2011 - May: Site redesigned and work begun on adding more content to listed items.
  • 2014 - March: Site made more mobile friendly. Many lost items sorted.
  • 2017 - June: Slight redesign and added Disqus. Made the gallery Masonry driven.
  • 2019 - March: A newer design with mobile in mind.
  • 2022 - September: A little refresh and streamlining.

The Mission

The Chatterbot Collection is a website designed to help, promote and inform. It is hoped that the site benefits end-users and providers equally.

Legal - Fair use, Fair Dealing etc

This site makes use of graphical images to illustrate some records - these images remain under copyright of their respective owners. Acknowledgement is in the form of a link to the owner's website provided on the same page as the image.

Explanations of services, products or other items of interest may sometimes be quoted from the provider's website - this is used to best inform users of and represent the service, product or item of interest. No preferential treatment or discrimination takes place, this is simply a database of useful information and resources used to serve the community at large.

This site also uses information from wikipedia which is available under this license :

Creative Commons - Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

We hereby apply this same license to any information on this site that originates from Wikipedia (this will be noted within a record as sourced from wikipedia).

Adding or Removing yourself from the collection.

All relevant items will be considered - please use the email address below. If you wish to remove a record, again please use the email address below. And finally you can use the same email address for general enquires or for example to supply an updated description and so on.

Submissions need in some way to be related to the scope of this site. That is; chatbots, documentation, programming, reference and so on. Take a look around the site to get a feel for it if you need to and refer to the category list on the right-hand side of this page. We also keep a big list of Movies and TV shows that feature robots and Ai, so if we missed something please let us know.

For chatbots, we need a link and a description in English - you can however submit a translation into another language if your bot is non english. And it would be really nice to see an image of your bot if it has some kind of avatar. Don't forget to provide a link to your bot as well !

For other things all we really need is a link to whatever it is of interest although a description would be welcomed too if you wish to provide one.


Email: contact@chatterbotcollection.com

Discord: Discord Invite

Forum: AiDreams

Thanks to...

Datahopa - For SEO advice and other help :)