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A concierge service bot that handles guest requests and FAQs, as well as recommends restaurants and local attractions. Messenger Link : messenger.c...
Hyper chatbot
[Messenger] We have developed a chatbot that estimates the cost of app development after it is provided some details about the project.
[Messenger] SavvyOneBot helps you stay connected with cheap Internet and calls while travelling. By analyzing the route of your trip and thousands of m...
Syn Icon
Syn Virtual Assistant or SVA is a 3D Virtual Assistant Platform. SVA has been developed using our Syn Engine a Functional Natural Language Processing Engin...
VIN Decoder Chatbot
[Facebook] You can ask Robert for complete VIN decoding info on US vehicles, and receive the information on technical parts of the vehicle.
[Messenger] Utilizing an API from the Singapore National Environment Agency, this chatbot is able to provide (1) Current weather information in dif...
[Messenger] The Chatbot That Helps You Launch Your Website.