A search will examine titles, descriptions and keywords for all valid matches and return a set of results. Results can then be ordered by title or category by clicking on the relevant button. Note that lost items (since 2011) are included in the search results, which may be helpful if trying to track something down.


If you are a bot-master and wish to submit your chatbot or have found something that you think should be included in the database, then you may find contact details here.

Item Records

As well as providing a link, The Chatterbot Collection has a page for each item in the database. From the record you will see a link to the item of interest. When you see the big circle with an arrow within it that will take you to the external site.

Lost items are no longer included when browsing the categories. Instead they will be shown in search results or you can view the long list of lost bots and items, just follow the link on the bottom of any page.

With regard to these lost bots and items; from 2011 a record is maintained here in case that item is rediscovered. Earlier lost items may just have a link directly to that item, or at least where it last resided ! These earlier items are not shown in search results and they do not have a page, they are only listed on the Lost Bots page.

Item Descriptions

At the time of writing there are a lot of items without descriptions but in time this will be remedied. If you wish to offer a description of an item then click on the 'Contact Webmaster' button to take you to a page with some further details and our email address.


Tags will take you to related articles that I have tagged with that word, name or phrase. They appear with many items and there is a list of them all via the left side menu.

Broken Links

If you come across a link that is no longer working then you may report this to us by clicking on the 'Report Broken Link' button displayed on the item record page.