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"I'm ready to assist you. Please keep in mind that I don't know everything and currently can only answer certain types of questions. I'm pretty good at tel...
Ai Research - Create your own HAL personality, and teach it to speak the way YOU want. You can do that by starting a conversation with Alan and asking him ...
Text box.
Haptek's PeoplePutty lets you create your own interactive, emoting 3-D characters using simple photographs and your own voice.
Harry's Bar
Enter "Harry's Bar" and talk with the barman. DOS
Human: what do you do ? HeathInfo Bot: I am helping out the medical information specialists in here!
Hello Earthlings
I am going to take over earth !
DOS-WINDOWS - Hex was created by Jason Hutchens for the 1996 Loebner Prize, which it went on to win. Jason and his website have since disappeared. Despite ...
Hollaka Hollala
IRC bot. Hollaka Hollala is a chatbot engine and IRC bot written in Java. The chatbot engine uses a knowledge base organized in an XML file and WordNet for...
Chatbot based upon the character Homer J. Simpson, from the Simpsons cartoon.
Howie is a conversational AI -- a computer program you can talk to. He is designed to be simple to install, configure and (above all) extend. Chat network ...
Hugo Pulz is a tireless worker, having recently finished my one-hundredth publication. I keep two secretaries busy writing while I dictate. When the hour c...