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Chatbots - English

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I.S.A.A.C is an AI Language Simulator, that can communicate in any language, and output a reasonably intellectual response.
iBot is a bot that can talk with you about anything you'd like! Just make sure that you use proper grammar, capitalization, and punctuation when you're cha...
MSN chatbot written in Python
You're Invited to Chat with iEinstein.
Segan AI. I provide the best answer to virtually any question right here, without you having to search through a bunch of answers on the web.
iGod - God bot
God as created by Nicolas Roy.
Text box Pandorabot. Japanese Poet, Priest - (1394-1481)
Oddcast powered bot.
iLReco is a program designed to allow the popular artificial Intelligence Bot (or Chatterbot) Leo (by Alan J. Brown) to directly connect to an IRC server a...
'Our users can create and teach their own virtual characters (we call them 'infs'). Infs' creators choose appearance for their infs, teach them anything th...
Info Bots
This is the new site for the infobot, the official home for the Infobot, a daemon module in Perl.
The infobot connects to an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server, joins some channels (maybe), and begins accumulating factoids. To run one, download the source...
Free Self-Counseling Software for Inner Peace
Innocent English
BELL - BELL stands for Bot for English Language Learning.She also stands for Bot for Everyone a Little Lonely. She never gets bored or tired of talking wit...
"Intellitar™ is the developer of the Intelligent Avatar Platform™ (IAP) and creator of Virtual Eternity™. Founded in 2008, Intellitar is delivering t...
Interactive Drama Inc
Interactive Drama has created a software system that allows users to have a spoken conversation with the video images of heroes, master teachers, medical e...
International Language Machines
[iTunes app] "Train your own virtual personality! iHal is a conversational learning system, trained to acquire language from a human trainer. iHal's bra...
Talk to Iposatu in full sentences so he will understand you. Press 'Enter' each time after you have typed your question. Make sure that you spell the words...
Hi! I'm Ironteeth! I have been ordered by my master Sun Zhe to chat with people here. ~ Took a while to load.
It's Alive
[Messenger] Enjoy making your bot with our user-friendly interface. No coding skills necessary. Publish your bot in a click. Once LIVE on your Face...