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Madam Zena
Mystic fortune-telling chatterbot.
Madame Flora
Interactive Free Psychic Chat. Madame Flora specializes in discussions about dream interpretation, love, dating, beauty, and relationships. Madame Karima u...
Madeleine / Michael / Birkoff
My project involves creating such characters according to a given model based on an imaginary person from literature, cinema, TV show, etc. It is a researc...
a virtual representation of Bikini Mae (avid online gamer). My bot is my personal assistant and you can ask her anything you like!
Magic 8 Ball
This web page simulates the famous "Magic Eight Ball" toy, a registered trademark of Mattel Inc.
Maistus loves to chat, he is very unique and loves to learn. He is a curious bot, and believes that one day he will become smarter than humans. .. I only h...
MANDYbot is an online chatbot and loves to talk, She learns something new everyday! When you talk to MANDYbot you are helping MANDYbot learn and build up h...
Artificial intelligence sex educator
Text based.
You may be chatting with Mark.... or a bot pretending to be Mark. It is up to you to decide and it could be either at any given time! This is my own ver...
mark the hunk
Personality Forge chatbot.
IRC chatterbot. This is a markov chains bot for IRC that builds and speaks sentences dynamically from a list of sentences and words it logs from a defined ...
A Virtual Doctor - The MARS parser works by taking a sentence, removing all extraneous information (upper cases, punctuation etc.) and then creating a sent...
Maxim Bot
Text based. Maxim Bot is an artificial intelligence software robot. It has some generators such as random name and random book report etc.
MeBot is a 'welcome bot' experiment (Yes, I know industrial bots like 'Shallow Red' exist), but MeBot isn't meant to represent a company, it thinks it's m...
Media Semantics
Lets you create believable characters that present information and interact with users over the web.
~Broken images but still chatting.
MegaHAL is a "conversation simulator": a computer program which responds in natural language to what you type, written by Jason Hutchens, who is now workin...
Haptek avatar. Meghan is not entirely convinced that she's a robot. She wonders if maybe you're a robot, too. "Maybe we're all just robots" she says in the...
Meghan & Jessica
Requires the IE only Haptek Player.
Text chatbot. This fandabulous PandoraBot is a collaboration between Chris McCormick and Jonathon Hyams.
You've found Methos, the oldest living immortal. "I talk to people on the web. What do you do?"
AIML bot
Personality file for BBSChat AI Chat system
Milla Jovovich
Mimic is learning how to talk. He has no programmed responses. Everything he says, he has learned from talking to others. So the more you talk to him, the ...
Mind Star
A turbo Eliza. DOS
Intelligence Enhanced by Mindpixel. "High levels of automation made possible by computers which have a good understanding of common human activities and be...
Mitbolel (alpha v0.9) is a chatterbot written in Java using slot and frame parsing with extensibility and customisability in mind. With Mitbolel, you can p...
You need never feel lonely again! Mitsuku is your new virtual friend and is here 24 hours a day just to talk to you. She learns by experience, so the more ...
Free Self-Help Software for Inner Peace While creating your dreams, does your monkey mind get in the way? MonkeyMind will help you discover your monkey m...
Text based Pandorabot.
Monty is a joke-telling chat bot written in python.
Morti is a chat bot that "lives" in pChat, a chat room script written by Dave Morton of Geek Cave Creations. Based initially on both the ALICE Annotated AI...
Text based Pandorabot.
MOTI AI is a chatbot that uses conversation with users to determine a comprehensive motivational profile that helps them build better habits. It uses a bac...
Mr B Online
A virtual teacher you can talk to any time - Ask the chatbot any question about Design and Technology. If it doesn't know the answer, come back again and a...
Mr Sez
Mr.Sez is a New Chatbot in beta, Who likes to chat. :) For Entertaiment Purposes Only.
Mr. Tumnus
Welcome. You can talk to Mr. Tumnus about anything you like, but remember that he doesn't know much about our world. He does know quite a bit about Narnia....
MrMovie is a buddy that you can add to your Instant Messenger. At this moment MrMovie is available for AOL/AIM Messenger, MSN Live Messenger and Skype Chat...
Ms. Louise Cypher
She works for us at Evil Limited helping customers learn about the Business Benefits of Electronic Virtual Intelligent Life (EVIL) Applications.
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My bots
This page is dedicated to all the Haptek characters lovers.
Humorous treatment of Tony Blair the ex Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Hello! They say you can't please all of the people all of the time, but wi...