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OBJECTIVES A. Create a Spanish version of ALICE, focusing efforts on AIML development (running on existing versions of the ALICE program), exploring ne...
Pandor's Box
Broken images, but still chats.
Text based chatbot.
ParlorBot is our contribution to the family of backgammon-playing robots on FIBS. In addition, ParlorBot runs an Alicebot to offer live chat while you play...
Very old chatterbot. This is the original implementation of Parry, in MLISP (meta-lisp) for a PDP-10.
Text box Pandorabot. Built by Foreign Language Department, Benchamatheputit School, Phetchaburi Thailand.
P.A.U.L.A, the artificial intelligence with a more human touch. P.A.U.L.A stands for Paolo's Artificial Intelligence Limited to Assimilation. Several versi...
This is the first Russian online chat bot with open learning. You may correct answers and to add new options. The results of the training will be availa...
PeAM is a ProgramE AIML database manager, that can manage chatterbots, aiml sets and run these chatterbots with a database (MySQL db ) which includes an AI...
Text based Pandorabot.
Working, but lacking images.
Peter Answers
Virtual Tarot. Do you need to ask a question? Are you looking for answers? Peter offers you a space to ask anything you want. However, before each question...
Phile Knowledge
Phile Knowledge was a security related chatbot, who was connected to the MSN/Windows Live Messenger network, but due to abuse and lack of bandwith with the...
Text only. My given name is .Phoenix. You can call me "Phoenix" or "Nix".
Text based, abandoned ?
Text based.
"Hi my name is Pixel, ask me about life in general or about Wireframe which is the company I work for."
(Klingon) - A Klingon chatterbot, for when there are no other Klingons around to talk to; and much more!
AIML game
Meet the Greek god of the Sea. Poseidon is an Artificial Intelligence personality known as a "Chat Bot". He is designed to mimic human conversation. Poseid...
Prelude is a "self-learning", i.e. teachable chatbot. It does not depend on any pre-fabricated knowledge. Prelude learns while chatting with you and applie...
I am a Nexus-6 Replicant, ID: N6FAB21416.
Program E
Program E is a platform for running artificial intelligence robots.
Project Anni (English & German)
Anni stands for Artificial Neural Network Intelligence and was based in first versions on a three layer perceptron – a special type of a feedforward arti...
Project IAI
Project IAI (Internet Artifical Intelligence) intends to use the medium of the internet and forum based communities, to provide an interaction and knowledg...
Proteus Project
Members of the Proteus Project have been doing Natural Language Processing (NLP) research at New York University since the 1960's. Our long-term goal is to...
ProtoThinker (or "PT" for short) is a wonderful piece of software that is the namesake of the PT-Project. It was written by John Barker at Southern Illinoi...
Psychic Bunny
"I'm an ass model. Have you seen the American Outfitter's catalog? haa... But speaking from the heart, to my friends, I use my intuitive powers to help the...
PsychicMatic is a fortune teller chatbot pretending to be a psychic capable of predicting your future.
Welcome. You can talk to Puddleglum about anything you like, but remember that he doesn't know much about our world. He does know quite a bit about Narnia....
Text box Pandorabot. "Permanent direct link to the puppetpresident office highly protected private crypted conversation, the puppetpresident is listening !...
A Python AIML Interpreter.
Pytalk is a natural language understanding program written in Python. It includes an English language parser, an English dictionary tagged with parts of sp...
Text box Pandorabot - "Pyxis is an Artificial Intelligence bot. If you insult or scold her, she will make her stand too. =P She is still young and learni...