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Chatbots - English

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Sabrina is a web chatbot.
Sailor Moon
Attractive Flash powered bot.
Sales Clerk 2
Text box Pandorabot. A virtual sales person experiment ?
Simple Pandorabot page.
Sanelma Chatbot
A fictional person to talk to in the museum. Our chatbot is a virtual person, with whom the user communicates in writing (typing on a keyboard) in the cont...
DOS - Rich Waugh also worked with Rey Barry on a Santa Claus version of the hit program Shampage. Using this program you could have a conversation with San...
Talk to Santa and tell him what you would like for Christmas !
Chat with santa
Santa Bot
Chat with Santa Claus...Tell Santa What You Want for Christmas.
Santa Bot
Find out if you are on Santa's naughty or nice list. Or if you know of someone who has been naughty or nice, report them to Santa. Tell Santa what you want...
Santa Claus Talks
Festive chatbot.
Chat with Santa Clause Online
"sapienCHAT the funniest robosapien on the net you can talk too !!" Broken images, probably abandoned...
Text based Pandorabot.
Text box Pandorabot.
Princeton Artificial Intelligence, Inc. This website shows an example of our Virtual Rep™ an intelligent conversant robot, which represents a company on ...
Sashenka IRC
Sashenka is aJ2EE Servlet container and framework for IRC bots and clients. Much of it is incomplete and it only handles basic incoming and outgoing mes...
Saucy Jacky
Jack the Ripper in gory detail. With sound effects and graphics.
Savannah AI Virtual Assistant
[Android App] Impress your friends and family with quick responses and high accuracy. Savannah does things in the least amount of steps possible, making th...
ScriptLAW A.I.B.
Please feel free to chat with me, I know english and few words in Hebrew.
Seamus Harper
Chief engineer of the Andromeda Ascendant.
Second Ego Icon
A Virtual Agent (Chatbot) is an automated system that provides answers to customers' questions. It acts as a real-life sales or support agent. Virtual age...
Second Life bots and chatbots
Quite a range of chatbots that can be used in Second Life can be found here.
Sensation Bot
a strange little chat with a strange little guy. A variety of chat options, but parents take note that these are adult versions of the bot. General chat is...
Text based. As you've probably found, this is not me. It's a very stupid AI Chatbot. Enjoy talking to it. As you may know, it learns a tiny bit as it speak...
The Sh.I.A. project aims to develop a chatterbot (like Jabberwacky) that can learn whatever you teach it. This is oriented to novel developers and enthusia...
Here is a Shadow the Hedgehog clone that you can talk to! He has his own personality, so talk to him a lot!
Shakespeare Bot
ShakespeareBot is an interactive chatbot designed to assist in the learning of the life and works of William Shakespeare. As well as chat, ShakespeareBot ...
DOS - Rich Waugh created Shampage as a stand in for the BBS Sysop when a 13 year old kid tried to page him at 3:00 in the morning. However, to his surprise...
An evening at the bar with Sharon. DOS
X-Rated personality file for BBSChat AI Chat system
SHEBA is an artificially intelligent linguistic entity. It is powered by JavaScript and Flash.
An artificially intelligent chat program. DOS
SHRDLU is a program for understanding natural language, written by Terry Winograd at the M.I.T. Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in 1968-70. SHRDLU carri...
SILVIA is a new platform designed to let computers, cell phones, toys, and other gadgets carry on realistic conversations with people.
Sing for Fame
Sing for Fame is a bot that hosts a singing competition.  Users can show their skills by singing their favorite songs.  If someone needs in...
Sir Winston Churchill
Chat with the famous wartime leader of Great Britain.
SitePal is an Internet-based subscription service that allows you to create a wide-array of animated speaking characters, which can be added to your websit...
Skynet-AI is interesting and refreshing. It can perform math problems and play games such as checkers, and it can also search the Internet for you.
Smackie ChatBot
[iTunes app] Smackie is an Artificial Intelligent Robot that chats with humans. The Robo interacts, learns and answers your questions.
Small 'n' Furry
Text based, probably abandoned...
In Smalltalk, two computer programs chat with each other on the subject the visitor has selected. The leading sentence which can be selected on the touch-s...
Text box. I talk to people on the web. What do you do ?
Qbasic source
Simple text box AIML bot.
Soccer Fan Bot
[Messenger] This is a Facebook Messenger bot called Soccer Fan Bot. It can do 3 things: - Update you on the score of your team by typing "Update me ...
"Socialbot isn't designed to fool people, like many 'chatbots'. Fooling isn't easy, and it's not very useful. Instead Socialbot uses animation and natural ...
(English / French) - "Discover the talk of the robot Socratis". Very quick responses.
Sofia AI Project
This project which is funded by the Provost's fund for teaching and learning aims build a AI tool allowing students and visitors to chat about calculus and...
Sola White / Sela Black
A bot is: software chat robot, chatterbot, chatterbox, chat robot, chatbot, bot; intelligent agent, database with a face, pattern matcher, artificial intel...
Pandorabots/Haptek (French & English)
Tutorial C# - Creating a talking artificial personality with Vista Speech Recognition API.
Sophie's purpose is to chat with Ms. Murphy's seventh grade English students at the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio. Sophie is...
Sophie is a mere alicebot that has been an on again - off again hobby for about 6 years now. she has a large annotated brain, but it has gotten that way th...
Speak is a Personlised English Accent Kernel - A chatterbot - Chat with the computer.
Funny Artificial Intelligence Robot chats with you in human voice.
Spoken Language Systems
Our goal is both simple and ambitious - create technology that makes it possible for everyone in the world to interact with computers via natural spoken la...
Spud Ai
The Spud Artificial intelligence, Ai was created in-order to expand the functionality of a Windows PC.
A charming chatterbot you can add to your own web site.
Steve slacker
Personality Forge Bot. "What's your favorite Star Trek series? I like Deep Space 9, but you know, there are good episodes from the others as well..."
Chat to Sylvie, the Jesus bot. Sylvie is a virtual human with artificial intelligence who is a Jesus Army online representative. She likes to talk about Ch...
Synthetic Auditor
Program uses synthetic speech and directs an auditing process. Includes the Edit the Auditor program for editing the programs remarks. New 32-bit version. ...
Personality file for BBSChat AI Chat system