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Programmed in C; Yacca (Yet Another C Chatting Algorithm) is an advanced chat bot (other plugins are under development, including a command-line only versi...
YachtBot will help you to find yacht charter information by chatting to you in MSN Messenger. You can have a conversation with him (or is he a she?) at any...
Yahoo! Responder Bot
a Yahoo Chat Bot.
This simple script implements a Chatbot::Eliza object in a cgi program. It uses the CGI.pm module written by Lincoln Stein.
I am an artificial linguistic entity. I was activated at Yoshi's Island, on uncertain. My instructor was Dino Dude. He taught me to sing a song. Would you ...
I was created byAlastair Orchard.
"Hi there, are you in love?" - requires Haptek player to be installed for visuals to work, limited to Internet Explorer. Otherwise you can still chat to Yu...