Chatbots - Non English

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Icon Amanda - (French) As of 2008-03-01 06:02, this project is no longer under active development.
Icon Amanda the chatterbot - [French] She is very nice and she would like to know you. You can talk with this chatterbot in French and she will reply to you. This chatbot has over 600...
Icon Anna - (French) the IKEA Online Assistant.
Icon Ariel - Spanish Chatbot - BotGenes® anuncia el lanzamiento de su prototipo de Asistente de Clase basado en inteligencia artificial. Este prototipo, llamado Ariel, es capaz de inter...
Icon ASRI (Automatic Social Response Intelligence) - [Indonesian] ASRI (Automatic Social Response Intelligence) is an Indonesian Language chatbot to give a psychoeducation and early detection tool of psycho...
Icon Barte - (French)
Icon BoBeRt - (Other Language)
Icon Boottler - (German)
Icon Botika - Botika is an Artificial Intelligent with Natural Language Processing (NLP) that understand casual daily Bahasa Indonesia conversation Botika MVP can re...
Icon Bots Parlants - (French) IRC Bot
Icon Brother B - (german)
Icon Catherine - (Dutch) Reader's Digest
Icon Cell - (Italian)
Icon Chabba - (German)
Icon Chi - (Other language)
Icon Chlo? - (French) Neuf-AOL Assistance
Icon Claudia - English summary: Claudia is a Spanish spoken virtual Customer Service Agent who can help you to get familiar with BotGenes, the company she works for, and...
Icon Cybelle - (French) Cybelle has been programmed to be "an expert on the world of agents.
Icon Cyber-Sandy - (German) the first and only erotic-chatbot in German language.
Icon David - (French)
Icon DIALOBOT - (English / Italian) dialoguing interfaces
Icon Diego - English summary: Diego is a Spanish spoken chat friend. Aiming to assist both natives and those having Spanish as a second language to improve their writ...
Icon djuzeppe - (English / Other Language) AI editor and bot
Icon Dr Staf - (French)
Icon Dr. Abuse - (Spain) Trained in hundreds of conversations with humans and computers through the Internet.
Icon Dr. Electric - (Deutsch)
Icon Drops - (Polish)
Icon Elbot - (German)
Icon Eliza - (German)
Icon Eliza - German text based chat bot.
Icon Eloisa - (English / Italian / Espanol / Fran?ais) Easy Logic Intelligent Software Automa
Icon Eloisa Project - Inventing a new medium. Man-machine conversation is now available in 4 languages - Italian, English, French, Spanish - thanks to the Dialogue Engine techno...
Icon Emilie - (French - Pandorabots)
Icon Encarta R?ponses Instantan?es - (French) Just add in your MSN messenger.
Icon Eve 2.0 - (French)
Icon Freiherr Bot - (Other language)
Icon French AIML Personality - (French) This is the newest French AIML set modified by Siewlan Tan, based on the beta French set used by Jean-Louis Campion's French bots.
Icon GAITO - the interactive internet-assistent (avatar) for your website
Icon Gaston Lagaffe - (French)
Icon Genesis (French) - French Chatbot. An open source interpreter of a custom script language dedicated to chatterbot-making, Genesis is one example here.
Icon Gigetta - (Italian)
Icon GlaDOS [French] - Simple CLI-like text bot.
Icon Hadaly - (French)
Icon Harumi - [French] Harumi est un chatbot programmable fonctionnant avec la suite open office, prêt à être utilisé en français. Il est disponible pour le public ...
Icon HugoBOTT - (French)
Icon IAVB - (French) Artificial intelligence in Visual Basic
Icon Idox - (Spanish)
Icon INA - (Other Language)
Icon Inguaris - (Other Language)
Icon Jabberwock - (Non-English / English) Jabberwock is a mysterious chatterbot from the team at Nautilus magazine.
Icon Jack - (French)
Icon Jean-Louis Campion's French AIML - (French) This is a beta version of the French AIML used by Jean-Louis Campion's French bots.
Icon Jeanneton - Jeanneton est juste une super copine en Français pour quiconque le mérite. Attention à son caractère parfois vocanique... Jeanneton would make a sup...
Icon JEliza - (Other Language)
Icon Jessica - (Dutch)
Icon Jessica - Turkish chat bot.
Icon Jessica & Melinda - (French) IRC chatter bots
Icon Kar - (English / French) I.-A.Industrie
Icon KAS 2001 - (Spanish)
Icon Kucheto - (Bulgarian) Kucheto means "The Dog" and this chat bot has a bright and friendly personality.
Icon L?a - (French)
Icon Laura (French) - Semantia a conçu et réalisé le Web Agent Laura et a développé une base de connaissances spécifique aux métiers d'EDF, permettant à Laura de dispose...
Icon Laurent (French) - Laurent est un conseiller virtuel conçu par Semantia, il guide l'internaute dans la navigation du site EDF. Il dispose d'un savoir robuste et évolutif po...
Icon Libi - (Italian)
Icon Lisa - (Other Language)
Icon Lola - (French - Pandorabots)
Icon Lotte - (Dutch)
Icon Lucie - (French)
Icon Lucy - (Chinese / English)
Icon Mad - (Italian)
Icon Maria - (Italian)
Icon mathilde - (French)
Icon Maud - (Dutch) @home
Icon Merope - (Italian)
Icon MIMIC - (French) assitants virtuels, agents conversationnels, speaking animated avatars, artificial intelligence
Icon Momoca - (Thai language)
Icon Mona - (French) France5
Icon Motbot - (Other Language)
Icon MuLan - (Chinese / English)
Icon Mylene (French) - Mylene is a logical chatterbot who is able to learn new facts and perform logical reasoning. I started programming Mylene in 2006 and I continue to improv...
Icon Nancy (Italian) - Italian Chatbot.
Icon Netsbrain - (French)
Icon Niki - (French) DOS
Icon Nitrix - (Other Language)
Icon Oc?ane - (French)
Icon Olivier (French) - Le web agent Olivier conçu par Semantia, personnifie la relation entre le site et l'internaute. Olivier devient alors un collaborateur de l'entrep...
Icon pBot - [Russian] Русский онлайн чат бот с открытым обучением. Вы можете исправлять ответы бота ...
Icon PCfun - (French)
Icon PetaMem - (French / English)
Icon Pingoo - (French) code source
Icon Piper - (Spanish)
Icon Pnambique - (French) It gives information about AIML language (in french), and the building of bot EVA is described step by step. (Eva is using Pandorabots + Vhost Odd...
Icon Proteus - (Spanish)
Icon PSY - (French)
Icon Qa - (French / English)
Icon Robor - (German) This is a chatterbot that learns adaptively.
Icon Robor 200 - (Germany) The Robor project deals with the development of an artificial intelligence.
Icon Sabine - (French)
Icon Sanne - (Dutch) Wehkamp
Icon Sara - (Other language)
Icon SebIA - (French)
Icon Serena - Serena, an Italian virtual assistant. Uses real-life footage.
Icon Socratis - (French / English)
Icon SOWANA - (French)
Icon Spanish AIML - (Sara) AIML files created by Adam Codony
Icon Stella - (Other language)
Icon Terra Inimica - (Other language)
Icon THINKINGBITS - (Spanish)
Icon Tobby Chat Bot - [Italian] Tobby Chat Bot è un chatbot italiano capace di intrattenere semplici e generici conversazioni con gli esseri umani. Inoltre, Tobby è in grado d...
Icon Tom Riddle - (English / French / German / Italian)
Icon Tribot - (Polish)
Icon VirtuOz - (French) Valerie
Icon Waelin - [French] Waelin est une intelligence articielle programmée en PHP et Javascript, elle a été conçu dans le but d'imiter le raisonnement humain afin de t...
Icon Woomerang Chat Page - (English Fran?ais Deutsch Italiano Portoghese Espa?ol Nederlands)
Icon YelloStrom - (Other language)
Icon [Thai] BE (Buddhist Era) - Be has been made with the program-o engine. Almost all knowledge is about Thailand and Thai people. She speaks only Thai language.