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The bot is named after Artemis, the goddess of hunting in ancient Greek mythology. Artemis is a standalone, desktop chatbot written in Visual Basic. Downloading and running the program is very easy, since it has a very small filesize, no installation is required, and has a very simple and easy-to-use interface.

Her function is based on pattern recognition. She has various trivia knowledge and chatting capabilities, such as the knowledge of 193 country capitals, to compare the sizes of various objects, the ability to recognize many types of questions, to perform simple mathematical calculations and counting, and much more. She can also play three games: hangman, guess-the-number and rock-paper-scissors.

Artemis has participated in the annual chatbot contest, the Chatterbox Challenge, 3 times. She has achieved the following:
-> 2007: 8th place overall, 2nd Most Popular Bot
-> 2008: 5th place overall, 5th Most Popular Bot
-> 2009: 2nd Best Overall Bot (Silver Medal), 1st Most Popular Bot (Gold Medal)

Category : Chatbots - English
Submitted :  6th, August 2008

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