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"Welcome to BDLiza, one of the only AI (Artificial Intelligence) programs which actually understand you and act the most human-like. Today, in 2004, I'm proud to present to you an advanced AI program which is based on Liza by Java Script from the early this year."

"Liza is an AI program which acts like a psychologist. Many AI programs are named "Liza" and they all have some things in common. This version of Liza is the orginial Java Script version with great improvements to it's vocabulary and understanding of the patient's text. Liza works under any explorer, and won't be a problem if working on any version of Windows."
Category : Chatbots - English
Submitted :  6th, August 2008
Tags : desktop

1. Artificial Intelligence - Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines, as opposed to the natural intelligence displayed by animals and humans.


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