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I’m Sorry to Say, But Your Understanding of Image Processing fundamentals is Asolutely Wrong.

Among the five human senses through which we explore our surrounding, vision takes a unique and a remarkable place. The lion part of information about our near, medium, and distant environment comes to us via the vision channel. It is, therefore, not surprising that almost a half of our cortex is devoted to visual information processing (Milner & Goodale, 1998). In the course of millions of years of evolution, we have even developed a very special attitude to it – we feel an everlasting “hunger” for new visual information. We are “Infovores”, as Irving Biederman (Biederman & Vessel, 2006), one of the founders of the contemporary vision theory, wittily defined. (PDF)
Category : Papers
Submitted :  10th, August 2008
Tags : vision sight senses