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Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Next Generation
[Ep: Ship in a bottle] Data and La Forge are enjoying a Sherlock Holmes holodeck program when the two notice that a character programmed to be left-handed was actually right-handed. They call Lt. Barclay to repair the holodeck, but as he checks the status of the Sherlock Holmes programs, he encounters an area of protected memory. He activates it to find the artificial sentient Professor James Moriarty (Daniel Davis) character projected into the Holodeck, who appears to have memory since his creation ("Elementary, Dear Data") including during the period while he was inactive. Moriarty wishes to escape the artificial world of the holodeck and was assured by the crew of the Enterprise-D that they would endeavor to find a way to free him, and is irritated at the lack of results on the part of the crew and their seeming lack of even the tiniest bit of effort. Picard, along with Data and Barclay, attempt to assure Moriarty they are still working on that goal, but Moriarty is dismissive of that.
Category : Robots on TV
Year : 1993
Submitted :  9th, August 2009