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Astro Boy

Background : Astro Boy is a science fiction series set in a futuristic world wherein androids co-exist with humans. Its focus is on the adventures of the titular "Astro Boy" (sometimes called simply "Astro"), a powerful robot created by the head of the Ministry of Science, Doctor Tenma, to replace his son Tobio, who died in a car accident.

The film : Many years in the future, after centuries of pollution and deforestation, the scientists of Metro City make the decision to spare their city this fate by removing it from Earth. Now, as the film begins, Metro City floats high above the Earth's surface, its human population tended by a massive robotic workforce who happily perform all the tasks humans no longer want to.
Astro Boy
Category : Robots in Movies
Year : 2009
Submitted :  9th, December 2009

1. Robot - A robot (also called a droid) is a machine - especially one programmable by a computer - capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically.

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