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MSN Pandora Bot

MSN Pandora Bot
"This program I made lets you easily bring your Pandora bot to MSN. It uses the Multi-IM services of BitlBee to communicate with your bot and MSN user. When a MSN User sends your bot a message on MSN Messenger it gets sent to BitlBee which then gets sent to the program, and the program will then send the user's message to your bot on the Pandora servers. After the bot makes a response the program then takes that message and sends it back to the user or a conversation if the message was sent from a MSN Conversation with multiple people.

Since RunABot shut down their services my AIM to MSN Transport Program no longer works, so I decided to make a program that does the same with Pandora Bots. So, I basically took the code from my AIM to MSN Transport program and changed it to use Pandora Bot's XML instead of AIM to send messages to bot and get bot messages back. So basically with this program you can all the features from my old program and more!"
Category : AIML / Pandorabots
Submitted :  30th, December 2009
Tags : pandorabotTools