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Pandora is the AI developed by the Open Pandora Project. The project's goal is to develop a AI that can interact and collaborate with others over the Internet (forums, wikis, chat, IRC, email, Facebook, SourceForge). Its ultimate goal is for the AI to be able to understand and develop code, and be capable of collaborating on open source projects (perhaps it will join its own project).

Pandora can currently be used to monitor IRC chat rooms, monitor email or email lists, such as providing tech support. She has listening, discussion and reply modes, so can be set to listen to existing users to learn the domain, then set to discussion to reply when she knows a valid response, and finally to reply to always provide an answer. (Not to be confused with Pandorabots)
Category : Developers
Submitted :  23rd, July 2010
Tags : openSource machineIntelligence