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Neo (nickname: Neobot) is a chatterbot of the Betabot family which uses the ProgramPY-SH engine and uses Xaiml files as the knowledge databases. The core of Neo (ProgramPY-SH) is written in Python3.x and BASH.

NOTE: Neo does not work on Windows or mobile devices at this time. Neo was designed specifically for Linux; the program works on FreeBSD, Solaris, MAC OS, and other Unix systems. Currently, support for Windows is being implemented.

Neo's development started March 30, 2012 by Devyn Collier Johnson, NCLA, Linux+, LPIC-1, DCTS. Neo uses the ProgramPY-SH engine which reads Xaiml files instead of AIML files. Xaiml stands for eXtended Artificial Intelligence Markup Language and was first made August 31, 2012 by Devyn Collier Johnson, NCLA, Linux+, LPIC-1, DCTS. The ProgramPY-SH engine is written in Python3.x and BASH. All chatterbots that run on the ProgramPY-SH engine are known as Betabots. Before version 0.6a, Neo was called Betabot, but now, Betabot refers to any ProgramPY-SH based chatterbot that uses Xaiml instead of AIML.

Category : Chatbots - English
Submitted :  4th, April 2013
Tags : python bash xaiml linux

1. Artificial Intelligence - Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines, as opposed to the natural intelligence displayed by animals and humans.


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