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Brain is a system to model, create and manage the knowledge base of chatbots based on AIML technology.

It was designed to be an extreme productive tool, hence it is simple and gathers in a smart and harmonious way all the necessary tools for modeling and creating the knowledge base on a single screen. It encourages the creation of as much content as possible, either to contemplate the maximum sentences of chat's users and to increase the robot's ability to give different answers to the same sentence of users.

It was also designed to be an extreme effective tool, hence there is no direct manipulation of AIML's sources. Instead, it was created an interface to a metamodel that is more intuitive and extends some original elements of AIML, which gives the user greater productivity without losing the power of pure AIML.
Category : AIML / Pandorabots
Submitted :  22nd, September 2014
Tags : aiml

1. Robot - A robot (also called a droid) is a machine - especially one programmable by a computer - capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically.