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Cycorp is a leading provider of semantic technologies that bring a new level of intelligence and common sense reasoning to a wide variety of software applications. The Cyc software combines an unparalleled common sense ontology and knowledge base with a powerful reasoning engine and natural language interfaces to enable the development of novel knowledge-intensive applications.

As a premier knowledge-based technologies research and development company, Cycorp leverages its cutting edge innovations in knowledge representation, machine reasoning, natural language processing, semantic data integration, and information management and search to offer an array of semantic middleware, knowledge-based application development capabilities, and turn-key solutions.

The Cyc project, a long-term quest to develop a true artificial intelligence, was founded in 1984 by Dr. Douglas Lenat as a lead project in the Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC). In 1994, Cycorp was founded to further develop, commercialize, and apply the Cyc technology. To foster the growth of semantic reasoning by the research community, Cycorp offers a no-cost license to its semantic technologies development toolkit to the research community. Additionally, it has placed the core Cyc ontology into the public domain.

Cycorp has headquarters in Austin, Texas and offices in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Category : Chatbots - English
Submitted :  6th, August 2008

1. Artificial Intelligence - Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines, as opposed to the natural intelligence displayed by animals and humans.