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How to Build Eliza Chatterbot - A Program that can Chat with Humans

This article teaches you how you can create your own Chatterbot, a program that talks with human beings, just as we do. As you read this program, you will explore that this program, which falls under the domain of Artificial Intelligence, is nothing but manipulation of String and File Handling. This article aims at giving you a direction. The outcome is not a perfect program, but a minimal working skeleton. Rest you can do easily. There is practically NO LIMIT to how much input you can give to this program, because once you say that my Eliza is complete, I will find at least ONE question, that your Eliza will not be able to answer ! Hope you will enjoy this.

Category : Articles
Year : 2002
Submitted :  6th, August 2008

1. Artificial Intelligence - Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines, as opposed to the natural intelligence displayed by animals and humans.