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Icon Homer [Chatbots - English] - Lost
Icon Homer [Chatbots - English] - Chatbot based upon the character Homer J. Simpson, from the Simpsons cartoon.
Icon [Chatbots - English] - (Messenger bots) is a basic AI bot that will chat about anything you want to. He may on occasions need to go get a beer or have a sleep. Sometime...
Icon Pandorabots SpellBinder [AIML / Pandorabots] - Pandorabots Announces the Availability of Bespoke Pandorabots SpellBinderTM Service Oakland, CA - 07 October 2009: Pandorabots, Inc. is announcing a sig...
Icon The Simpsons : I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot [Robots on TV] - Homer, wanting Bart to be proud of him, tries to build a battle robot for the "Robot Rumble". He fails to construct one, then decides to build a robot with...