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Icon Hank [Chatbots - English] - The Coca-Cola Company's virtual representative. No longer working.
Icon Margene [Chatbots - English] - Old UltraHal representative that no longer works.
Icon Persona-Bots [Developers] - Persona-Bots™ can recreate the personality of any chosen subject, be it a celebrity, fictional character, historical figure, politician, customer support...
Icon Sylvie [Chatbots - English] - Chat to Sylvie, the Jesus bot. Sylvie is a virtual human with artificial intelligence who is a Jesus Army online representative. She likes to talk about Ch...
Icon The Client Relations Factory [Chatbots - English] - We are launching The Client Relations Factory a new platform for virtual robots creation. This platform is intended to be extremely easy to use, so website...
Icon Ultra Hal Representative [Hosting] - Create Your Own Chatter Bot
Icon Why You Don't Need Proprietary Bot Software [Articles] - Windows 0.3 In the year 2001, there is no HAL 9000. Instead, there are a growing number of software packages that attempt to do some part of what Arthur...