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Big Bad Beetleborgs [Robots on TV]
(Beetleborg AVs) "Attack Vehicles" / (Gargantis) the Attack Mobile Carrier / (Beetleborg BVs) "Battle Vehicles" / (Roboborg and Boron)
The Transformers [Robots on TV] Icon
(The Transformers) / (Teletraan I) the Autobots' computer in Transformers. (Vector Sigma) the supercomputer in Transformers, responsible for creating t...
Transformers Cybertron [Robots on TV] Icon
Transformers: Cybertron, originally known in Japan as Transformers: Galaxy Force is a 52-episode series co-produced by Hasbro and Takara, set in the Transf...
VIN Decoder Chatbot [Assistants]
[Facebook] You can ask Robert for complete VIN decoding info on US vehicles, and receive the information on technical parts of the vehicle.