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Text based. "Like many other bots on the web, ELS started life as a set of 40 files known as the 'AAA set', however not all of the information contained within the files was appropriate or even applicable to ELS, particularly as some of these files had been designed with a bot called 'ALICE' in mind! 15 of those original files have so far been reworked, edited and updated. 4 new files have also been imported from elswhere and although these are suplimentary and will rarely be used; these too, have been edited. Initially the remaining files will stay there because I feel they will help ELS to learn and help him talk whilst I concentrate on the rest of the code, but in the long run, ELS will be a very individual bot, ELS could be classed as an 'Alicebot' but he is by no means an Alice clone."
Category : Chatbots - English
Submitted :  6th, August 2008
Tags : pandorabot