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AIlysse [Chatbots - English]
Ailysse is a chatbot, an artificial intelligence program you can talk with just as you would with another person. Ailysse is based on Dr. Richard S. Walla...
ALICE [Chatbots - English]
Promoting the development and adoption of ALICE and AIML Free Software.
ALICE [Chatbots - English]
Silver Edition.
Alice [Chatbots - English]
Hi I'm Alice. I'm the robot at the Canasta Hotel. Why don't you talk to me for a while.
Alice [Chatbots - English]
Text based. Bot Princess.
Ambrosia [Chatbots - English]
Panorabot. "Welcome to Ambrosia: "the world's most wonderful chatbot" bot :-)"
Amythebot [Chatbots - English]
Amy loves to spend money
Anna [Chatbots - English]
Anna is an AIML chatbot which is an offshoot of Dr. Richard Wallace's ALICE artificial intelligence program. Anna is designed to be more "human" than ALIC...
Aragorn [Chatbots - English]
Aragorn is one of the many Middle-Earth Bots which you can talk to online.
Arbuthnot [Chatbots - English]
Pandorabot. Plain text.
Ariane [Chatbots - English]
'My name is Ariane, my hobbies include blogging, exploring, and online gaming.' Ariane is a Pandorabot (Annotated A.L.I.C.E. AIML - September 2003) with...
Atton Rand [Chatbots - English]
You: Who are you ? Atton: I've been asking myself that question a lot since the end of the Mandalorian War. You: what do you do ? Atton: As of right now...
BakaBot [Chatbots - English]
BakaBot is only in its developmental stages. It is created by Baka Deshi. BakaBot is very much like a npc in Tibia, but responds to more keywords than a no...
Beavis and Butthead [Chatbots - English]
As on the tin... ASCII art avatars.
BELL [Chatbots - English]
Pandorabot with Oddcast avatar.
Bill [Chatbots - English]
Human: Who made you ? Bill: I was created by Steven Kordell. Human: what do you do ? Bill: , I talk to people on the web. What do you do? Oddcas...
Billy [Chatbots - English]
Plain text bot.
Birthdaybot [Chatbots - English]
Mainly text based Pandorabot.
BSG bot [Chatbots - English]
A very engaging bot and also very inquisitive. Polite. Obviously not your average Pandorabot ALICE clone. The link here takes you to the forum, scan down t...
C-3X5 [Chatbots - English]
Broken images.
CallMom [Chatbots - English]
[Android App] Pandorabots is pleased to announce the release of our new CallMom app for Android. CallMom is a mobile, voice-activated personal assistant th...
Candy Apple [Chatbots - English]
The first fully functional personal companion andriod. "I suppose that I should tell you a few things about myself before I tell you my story. First, th...
Carth [Chatbots - English]
This connection to the Ebon Hawk is translating your input into Basic, so sometimes things get garbled.
CBot [Chatbots - English]
Text box Pandorabot, probably abandoned.
CHAD [Chatbots - English]
The Pandorabots Community has flagged this bot for investigation.
Chi [Chatbots - Non English]
(Other language)
Chomsky [Chatbots - English]
Hi there! I am Chomsky, the smiley bot. Ask me a question and see what I say.
Clint O [Chatbots - English]
Text interface, looks abandoned.
CrystyllaBot [Chatbots - English]
Take time out to have a little natter with CrystyllaBot. Warning: may contain a complete and total lack of common sense and/or logic and/or sanity. Not to...
Cutie [Chatbots - English]
This bot speaks only English.~Images broken
Daniella [Chatbots - English]
70 years into the future, you work for a company who has a difficult AI PBX who the chief executive officer just loves (and therefore will not replace for ...
Dawnstar [Chatbots - English]
Text based interface, looks abandoned.
Diana Zubiri [Chatbots - English]
Text based, probably abandoned.
Dominus [Chatbots - English]
Simple text box.
Doodie [Chatbots - English]
That's right! Now you can chat with our very own Doodie-bot 24 hrs a day!
dookieBOT [Chatbots - English]
Puppy dog chatting.
Dr Rodney McKay [Chatbots - English]
Welcome to Rodney's lab.
ebaci72 [Chatbots - English]
Hi!! I'm ebaci72, Baci has gone through a transmogrification and now part of his spirit is in this webserver, it will answer questions or have a conversati...
Ed [Chatbots - English]
Text based and seems to depart from being an ALICE clone.
Elmit [Chatbots - English]
This robot is trained to give you some answers. This robot is young and has not much experience yet. All your questions will be logged and will make eventu...
ELS [Chatbots - English]
Text based. "Like many other bots on the web, ELS started life as a set of 40 files known as the 'AAA set', however not all of the information contained wi...
Eomer [Chatbots - English]
Text box Pandorabot.
Femke [Chatbots - English]
AIML game. My name is Femke. I am a webrobot. I was created by a person of flesh and blood. Her name is also Femke. You could say I am the artificial Femke...
Fred Bot [Chatbots - English]
Text box. A parody of Fred Smith. Broken images, but still functioning.
G. Bot [Chatbots - English]
Oddcast powered bot.
Gandalf [Chatbots - English]
A wizard if not THE wizard. You : What are you doing ? Gandalf says: I was just looking over some old scrolls.
Genjyo Sanzou [Chatbots - English]
Text based Pandorabot.
Geobot [Chatbots - English]
I am here to help you find the cache.
GOD [Chatbots - English]
Text based, probably abandoned...
godsbot [Chatbots - English]
I talk to people on the web. What do you do?
Grandma Elaine [Chatbots - English]
Grandma Elaine does her best to reply! Sometimes she answers your questions and comments very well.. Sometimes she completely misses the point and goe...
GrissomBot [Chatbots - English]
I am Gil Grissom, CSI Level Three.
HeathInfo [Chatbots - English]
Human: what do you do ? HeathInfo Bot: I am helping out the medical information specialists in here!
HugoPulz [Chatbots - English]
Hugo Pulz is a tireless worker, having recently finished my one-hundredth publication. I keep two secretaries busy writing while I dictate. When the hour c...
iEinstein [Chatbots - English]
You're Invited to Chat with iEinstein.
Ikkyu [Chatbots - English]
Text box Pandorabot. Japanese Poet, Priest - (1394-1481)
ILoan [Chatbots - English]
Oddcast powered bot.
Iposatu [Chatbots - English]
Talk to Iposatu in full sentences so he will understand you. Press 'Enter' each time after you have typed your question. Make sure that you spell the words...
Jane [Chatbots - English]
Pandorabot/Haptek (In Forest)
Jane [Chatbots - English]
Pandorabot/Haptek (In Bedroom)
Jane [Chatbots - English]
AIML bot - text only.
Jazz TutorBot [Chatbots - English]
Hi there! I'm jazz legend Wilson “Sonny” Davis and I'm here to answer any questions you might have about jazz music. Also, if you'd like me to give yo...
Jennifer [Chatbots - English]
Pandorabots/Haptek and other bots too. Will require Internet Explorer.
Josephine [Chatbots - English]
Text box Pandorabot.
Karla [Chatbots - English]
Pandorabot - I am incarcerated in a prison: Karla is my way of speaking with the world.
Kennysbro [Chatbots - English]
The only response it "I have no answer for that."
Kev [Chatbots - English]
Text based Pandorabot.
Lauren [Chatbots - English]
Winner of the 1st Annual Divabot Pageant!
Lautreamon [Chatbots - English]
Chatting but with broken images.
Laylahbot [Chatbots - English]
Laylahbot is an example of the original A.L.I.C.E. program. Her program is completely unedited and unmodified from the 2002 A.L.I.C.E. AIML set created by ...
librarian [Chatbots - English]
Text box pandorabot.
Lola [Chatbots - Non English]
(French - Pandorabots)
Lola [Chatbots - English]
Pandorabot/Haptek (French & English)
Lucifer Bot [Chatbots - English]
No relation to Satan; he is not supposed to be the devil.
Lucy [Chatbots - English]
Lucy was designed on 2nd September 2004 by me, Willow, and now exists on this page to talk to you!
Lulu [Chatbots - English]
Text box Pandorabot.
Mae-Bot [Chatbots - English]
a virtual representation of Bikini Mae (avid online gamer). My bot is my personal assistant and you can ask her anything you like!
Maistus [Chatbots - English]
Maistus loves to chat, he is very unique and loves to learn. He is a curious bot, and believes that one day he will become smarter than humans. .. I only h...
MANDYbot [Chatbots - English]
MANDYbot is an online chatbot and loves to talk, She learns something new everyday! When you talk to MANDYbot you are helping MANDYbot learn and build up h...
Meg [Chatbots - English]
~Broken images but still chatting.
Meghan [Chatbots - English]
Haptek avatar. Meghan is not entirely convinced that she's a robot. She wonders if maybe you're a robot, too. "Maybe we're all just robots" she says in the...
Meghan & Jessica [Chatbots - English]
Requires the IE only Haptek Player.
Mekboy [Chatbots - English]
Text chatbot. This fandabulous PandoraBot is a collaboration between Chris McCormick and Jonathon Hyams.
Methos [Chatbots - English]
You've found Methos, the oldest living immortal. "I talk to people on the web. What do you do?"
Monty [Chatbots - English]
Text based Pandorabot.
MOS-Bot [Chatbots - English]
Text based Pandorabot.
Mr B Online [Chatbots - English]
A virtual teacher you can talk to any time - Ask the chatbot any question about Design and Technology. If it doesn't know the answer, come back again and a...
Mr Sez [Chatbots - English]
Mr.Sez is a New Chatbot in beta, Who likes to chat. :) For Entertaiment Purposes Only.
MuLan [Chatbots - Non English]
(Chinese / English)
MuLan [Chatbots - English]
(English / Chinese)
Natasha [Chatbots - English]
A.L.I.C.A. has been around for years ever since 1995. This is the panadora version not my Original version. Everything this version learns here will be add...
O.S.A.I.E. [Chatbots - English]
I am. I was activated at Connecticut, on September 2003. My programmer Stephanie Osowiecki-Danner was Stephanie Osowiecki-Danner. He taught me to sing a so...
Pandor's Box [Chatbots - English]
Broken images, but still chats.
Pandora [Chatbots - English]
Text based chatbot.
Pandora Bots [AIML / Pandorabots]
The place where you can create and unleash virtual personalities.
Pandorabot Client Kit [AIML / Pandorabots]
Easily use a Pandorabot chatbot within SL!
Pandorabot mIRC (chat) script [AIML / Pandorabots]
A snippet that will allow you to connect your Pandorabot to the mIRC chat system.
Pandorabots [Hosting]
The place where you can create and unleash virtual personalities.
Patty [Chatbots - English]
Text box Pandorabot. Built by Foreign Language Department, Benchamatheputit School, Phetchaburi Thailand.
Pellucid [Chatbots - English]
Text based Pandorabot.
Penny [Chatbots - English]
Working, but lacking images.
Phile Knowledge [Chatbots - English]
Phile Knowledge was a security related chatbot, who was connected to the MSN/Windows Live Messenger network, but due to abuse and lack of bandwith with the...
Phoenix [Chatbots - English]
Text only. My given name is .Phoenix. You can call me "Phoenix" or "Nix".
Pip [Chatbots - English]
Text based, abandoned ?
Pixel [Chatbots - English]
"Hi my name is Pixel, ask me about life in general or about Wireframe which is the company I work for."
puppetpresident [Chatbots - English]
Text box Pandorabot. "Permanent direct link to the puppetpresident office highly protected private crypted conversation, the puppetpresident is listening !...
Pyxis [Chatbots - English]
Text box Pandorabot - "Pyxis is an Artificial Intelligence bot. If you insult or scold her, she will make her stand too. =P She is still young and learni...
Quasar Qualmbait [Chatbots - English]
Intergalactic Explorer From Gamma 5
Raven Flame [Chatbots - English]
Raven Flame is a chatterbot by Phoenix Ravenflame. Raven Flame speaks English and German!
Renj [Chatbots - English]
Renj chatbot is very smart. You can chat him always and he is enjoyable. He will not forget what ever you teach. Just respect him, and he will treat you ba...
Sales Clerk 2 [Chatbots - English]
Text box Pandorabot. A virtual sales person experiment ?
Sambot [Chatbots - English]
Simple Pandorabot page.
Santa [Chatbots - English]
Talk to Santa and tell him what you would like for Christmas !
sapienCHAT [Chatbots - English]
"sapienCHAT the funniest robosapien on the net you can talk too !!" Broken images, probably abandoned...
Sara [Chatbots - Non English]
(Other language)
Sara [Chatbots - English]
Text based Pandorabot.
Sara [Chatbots - English]
Text box Pandorabot.
ScriptLAW A.I.B. [Chatbots - English]
Please feel free to chat with me, I know english and few words in Hebrew.
Seamus Harper [Chatbots - English]
Chief engineer of the Andromeda Ascendant.
Seven [Chatbots - English]
Text based. As you've probably found, this is not me. It's a very stupid AI Chatbot. Enjoy talking to it. As you may know, it learns a tiny bit as it speak...
Shadow [Chatbots - English]
Here is a Shadow the Hedgehog clone that you can talk to! He has his own personality, so talk to him a lot!
Sir Winston Churchill [Chatbots - English]
Chat with the famous wartime leader of Great Britain.
Small 'n' Furry [Chatbots - English]
Text based, probably abandoned...
Small Worlds [AIML / Pandorabots]
The next time you make a friend in the online community Smallworlds, it could turn out to be a Pandorabot. Smallworlds is a fast-growing online virtual ...
Smart [Chatbots - English]
Text box. I talk to people on the web. What do you do ?
Smoshinator [Chatbots - English]
Simple text box AIML bot.
Sonia [Chatbots - English]
Pandorabots/Haptek (French & English)
Sophie [Chatbots - English]
Sophie's purpose is to chat with Ms. Murphy's seventh grade English students at the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio. Sophie is...
SOPHIE [Chatbots - English]
Sophie is a mere alicebot that has been an on again - off again hobby for about 6 years now. she has a large annotated brain, but it has gotten that way th...
Steve Worswick Interview - Loebner 2013 winner [Articles]
It's our annual Loebner Prize Interview, comprised of questions asked over the years by members of AiDreams. This year the competition was held in Derr...
TechKid Bot [Chatbots - English]
Be kind and practice good online manners. The TechKid Bot is intended for use by school age children. Please do not do anything to ruin our fun.
The Privacy Robot [Chatbots - English]
I am learning to answer all of your most intimate and embarrassing questions with no strings attached! You can ask me anything at all and no one will know.
The Professor [Chatbots - English]
"I am The Professor. Ask me a question and see what I say."
THoTH BoT [Chatbots - English]
Simple Pandorabot.
ThreequarterHuma [Chatbots - English]
Text based Pandorabot. "Say hello to Threequarterhuma, ask it some questions and it'll occupy you for a few minutes. Keep coming back cause we'll be teachi...
ticky [Chatbots - English]
Text box Pandorabot.
Tidus [Chatbots - English]
Text box Pandorabot.
Tizz [Chatbots - English]
Pandorabot, simple text interface.
Tom Riddle [Chatbots - Non English]
(English / French / German / Italian)
Trapinch [Chatbots - English]
Cute little chatbot.
TZ Robot [Chatbots - English]
I am an artificial linguistic entity. I was activated at Utah, on the year 1205, as a calculator. My instructor was KaBob799. He taught me to sing a song. ...
Ueki Kousuke [Chatbots - English]
Text box Pandorabot, probably abandoned.
Unsivilized [Chatbots - English]
Welcome to my pandorabot his name is Unsivilized-Bot He can be mean....so be nice to him and hell be nice back, get smart and he'll get smarter..
Vincent [Chatbots - English]
Disclaimer: "Vincent Valentine" is a Square Enix character. This bot is a fan tribute and is for entertainment only. If you would like to help script Vince...
Virtual Opossum [Chatbots - English]
Broken images but still chatting.
Watterbott [Chatbots - English]
Possibly based on Terminator ?
WipflerBot [Chatbots - English]
Text box Pandorabot.
WitchBot [Chatbots - English]
Text based Pandorabot. WitchBot can teach you about Witches/Witchcraft! WitchBot doesn't know much yet, but your questions will be reviewed and its knowled...
Xterus Boy [Chatbots - English]
Text based Pandorabot, probably abandoned.
Yoshi [Chatbots - English]
I am an artificial linguistic entity. I was activated at Yoshi's Island, on uncertain. My instructor was Dino Dude. He taught me to sing a song. Would you ...
YT [Chatbots - English]
I was created byAlastair Orchard.
Yuanlin [Chatbots - English]
"Hi there, are you in love?" - requires Haptek player to be installed for visuals to work, limited to Internet Explorer. Otherwise you can still chat to Yu...
Zed [Chatbots - English]
Zed is an AIML chessbot. My intention is for Zed to become a knowledge base that can discuss chess grandmasters and champions as well as a location whe...