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Deidara AI Chat bot [AIML / Pandorabots]
Flash and Pandorabots powered chat bot.
Why Is Our Sci-Fi So Glum About A.I.? [Articles]
When I was 12, I invented a superhero named Boy Genius, a guy my age who awakens one morning with access to 100 percent of his brain power. This allows him...
Gothtober 2005 [Chatbots - English]
(Bruk and Chris) click on door #26 - Attractively animated Flash based chatbots, using AIML.
Grell Shutcliff Chat Bot [Chatbots - English]
Flash and Pandorabots powered chat bot.
Guppy [Chatbots - English]
A nicely animated (Flash) talking fish.
Kotie [Chatbots - English]
Virtual Dive Instructor - Kotie chats about scuba diving. Direct link : Click...
pBot [Chatbots - English]
This is the first Russian online chat bot with open learning. You may correct answers and to add new options. The results of the training will be availa...
Sailor Moon [Chatbots - English]
Attractive Flash powered bot.
SHEBA [Chatbots - English]
SHEBA is an artificially intelligent linguistic entity. It is powered by JavaScript and Flash.
The Divinator [Chatbots - English]
Highly animated and creative Flash based Oracle for a New Millennium - "The Divinator is an interactive talking program that responds to personal and spir...
pBot [Chatbots - Non English]
[Russian] Русский онлайн чат бот с открытым обучением. Вы можете исправлять ответы бота ...
Media Semantics Character Hosting [Hosting]
Use a talking Flash character to deliver your message, answer questions, and interact with web visitors! Use the free level for as long as you like, or upg...
Flash Gordon [Robots in Movies]
(Annihilants) robot soldiers belonging to Ming the Merciless
Atomic Betty [Robots on TV] Icon
(X-5) Atomic Betty (known as Atomic Betty: Mission Earth for the third and final season) is a Canadian-French Flash-animated science fiction tele...
The Flash [Robots on TV]
[Ep: Alpha] (Alpha One, Omega One) / (Beta)
The Twilight Zone [Robots on TV]
[Ep: In His Image] (Alan Talbot) [Ep: Steel] (Battling Maxo, Maynard Flash) [Ep: Uncle Simon]
Oddcast [Software]
The Oddcast VHost is the leading Flash-based character animation program, used by companies such as Coca Cola, Sony, MTV, and others.