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A.I. Nexus Forum [Forums]
A discussion and help forum for ALICE, Pandorabots, and other A.I. Chatterbots
AI Dreams [Forums]
All things artificial intelligence, AI, movies, books, forum, chatbots, programming and more.
ALICE A.I. Foundation Forum [Forums]
Promoting the development and adoption of ALICE and AIML free software.
BSG bot [Chatbots - English]
A very engaging bot and also very inquisitive. Polite. Obviously not your average Pandorabot ALICE clone. The link here takes you to the forum, scan down t...
Pandorabots Questions and Answers [AIML / Pandorabots]
Official Pandorabots question and answers forum powered by Shapadoo.
Project IAI [Chatbots - English]
Project IAI (Internet Artifical Intelligence) intends to use the medium of the internet and forum based communities, to provide an interaction and knowledg...
Robitron Discussion Group [Forums]
This forum replaces the old Yahoo group.
Robot Overlords [Robots in Movies] Icon
Not long after the invasion and occupation of Earth by a race of powerful robots wanting human knowledge and ingenuity, humans are confined to their homes....
Society of Robots [Robotics]
Lots of useful robotics information - hardware, books, a forum, programming and tutorials.
State Machines in Artificial Intelligence [Books]
The aim of this book is to build and implement intelligent state machines for the information management. The data structure, the memorization and inferenc...