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Amanda [Chatbots - Non English]
(French) As of 2008-03-01 06:02, this project is no longer under active development.
Amanda the chatterbot [Chatbots - Non English]
[French] She is very nice and she would like to know you. You can talk with this chatterbot in French and she will reply to you. This chatbot has over 600...
Anna [Chatbots - Non English]
(French) the IKEA Online Assistant.
AnswerBus [Tools]
AnswerBus is an open-domain question answering system based on sentence level information retrieval. It accepts users' natural-language questions in Englis...
Atomic Betty [Robots on TV] Icon
(X-5) Atomic Betty (known as Atomic Betty: Mission Earth for the third and final season) is a Canadian-French Flash-animated science fiction tele...
chatterbots.fr [Directories]
A nice collection of French chatterbots here.
Chlo? [Chatbots - Non English]
(French) Neuf-AOL Assistance
Cybelle [Chatbots - Non English]
(French) Cybelle has been programmed to be "an expert on the world of agents.
ECTOR [Chatbots - English]
ECTOR is an acronym standing for the French Entité Cybernétique Totalement Obligée de Réfléchir (Cybernetic entity totally compelled to think). It is ...
Eloisa Project [Chatbots - Non English]
Inventing a new medium. Man-machine conversation is now available in 4 languages - Italian, English, French, Spanish - thanks to the Dialogue Engine techno...
Eloisa Project [Chatbots - English]
Inventing a new medium. Man-machine conversation is now available in 4 languages - Italian, English, French, Spanish - thanks to the Dialogue Engine techno...
Emilie [Chatbots - Non English]
(French - Pandorabots)
French AIML Personality [Chatbots - Non English]
(French) This is the newest French AIML set modified by Siewlan Tan, based on the beta French set used by Jean-Louis Campion's French bots.
Genesis (French) [Chatbots - Non English]
French Chatbot. An open source interpreter of a custom script language dedicated to chatterbot-making, Genesis is one example here.
GlaDOS [French] [Chatbots - Non English]
Simple CLI-like text bot.
Harumi [Chatbots - Non English]
[French] Harumi est un chatbot programmable fonctionnant avec la suite open office, prêt à être utilisé en français. Il es...
IAVB [Chatbots - Non English]
(French) Artificial intelligence in Visual Basic
Jean-Louis Campion's French AIML [Chatbots - Non English]
(French) This is a beta version of the French AIML used by Jean-Louis Campion's French bots.
Jeanneton [Chatbots - Non English]
Jeanneton est juste une super copine en Français pour quiconque le mérite. Attention à son caractère parfois vocanique... Jeanneton would make a sup...
Jessica & Melinda [Chatbots - Non English]
(French) IRC chatter bots
Kar [Chatbots - Non English]
(English / French) I.-A.Industrie
Kar [Chatbots - English] Icon
(English / French) I.-A.Industrie
L?a [Chatbots - Non English]
(French) Voyages-sncf.com
Laura (French) [Chatbots - Non English]
Semantia a conçu et réalisé le Web Agent Laura et a développé une base de connaissances spécifique aux métiers d'EDF, permettant à Laura de dispose...
Lola [Chatbots - Non English]
(French - Pandorabots)
Lola [Chatbots - English]
Pandorabot/Haptek (French & English)
MIMIC [Chatbots - Non English]
(French) assitants virtuels, agents conversationnels, speaking animated avatars, artificial intelligence
Mona [Chatbots - Non English]
(French) France5
Mylene (French) [Chatbots - Non English]
Mylene is a logical chatterbot who is able to learn new facts and perform logical reasoning. I started programming Mylene in 2006 and I continue to improv...
Olivier (French) [Chatbots - Non English]
Le web agent Olivier conçu par Semantia, personnifie la relation entre le site grdf.fr et l'internaute. Olivier devient alors un collaborateur de l'entrep...
PetaMem [Chatbots - Non English]
(French / English)
Pingoo [Chatbots - Non English]
(French) code source
Pnambique [Chatbots - Non English]
(French) It gives information about AIML language (in french), and the building of bot EVA is described step by step. (Eva is using Pandorabots + Vhost Odd...
Qa [Chatbots - Non English]
(French / English)
Rolie Polie Olie [Robots on TV] Icon
Rolie Polie Olie is a French-Canadian-American children's television series produced by Nelvana and Sparx*, distributed by Disney, and created by Willi...
Socratis [Chatbots - Non English]
(French / English)
Socratis [Chatbots - English]
(English / French) - "Discover the talk of the robot Socratis". Very quick responses.
Sonia [Chatbots - English]
Pandorabots/Haptek (French & English)
Tom Riddle [Chatbots - Non English]
(English / French / German / Italian)
Waelin [Chatbots - Non English]
[French] Waelin est une intelligence articielle programmée en PHP et Javascript, elle a été conçu dans le but d'imiter le raisonnement humain afin de t...