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Hi!! I'm ebaci72, Baci has gone through a transmogrification and now part of his spirit is in this webserver, it will answer questions or have a conversati...
EBBA is a project aiming to develop an advanced chatbot by combining AIML, 3d facial expressions, speech synthesizer, speech recognition and an iq-test sol...
ECTOR is an acronym standing for the French Entité Cybernétique Totalement Obligée de Réfléchir (Cybernetic entity totally compelled to think). It is ...
Text based and seems to depart from being an ALICE clone.
Edwin the Foreteller
[iTunes app] Ever Wish You Knew the Future? What would you ask if you had your own personal fortune teller?
eGain Chatbots
eGain ChatBot is a lifelike, conversational agent providing a unique, interactive and personal way for users to get answers and assistance on your website,...
Eggdrop is the world's most popular Open Source IRC bot, designed for flexibility and ease of use, and is freely distributable under the GNU General Public...
Currently disabled...
Einstein [BOTlibre bot]
A chat bot that learns from the users it chats with and from the web. Can answer any "What is" question.
The purpose of Elbot is to converse with users about any topic under the sun, rather than a specialized and self-contained set of FAQs as is usually the de...
(Forum bot)
Chat to Bif and Bonnie - Festive fun for kids.
"ELIPTZA is my Iptscrae version of the famous ELIZA; arguably the first "ChatBot" ever written. Originally intended to simulate a psychotherapy session, th...
DOS (Download link)
A humorous WWW realization of Eliza, the pseudo-artificially intelligent program.
Demo project and source code. This program is an Eliza like chatterbot. Bots like Eliza are the results of researches in Artificial Intelligence (more spec...
the original, formatted for the Web.
Chat With Eliza. "This program is an Eliza like chatterbot, bots like Eliza are the results of researches in Artificial Intelligence (more specifically: in...
This directory contains an implementation of Eliza for the Apple Macintosh.
This is an implementation of Eliza for the Macintosh. If MacinTalk is installed, it will actually speak.
[Java] This applet implements the classic "Eliza" program, a program that communicates in natural language. It pretends to be a Rogerian psychologist. T...
Here one can have an english conversation with a new Java-version of Joseph Weizenbaum's Eliza. Text based.
Old DOS Eliza with source code.
A demonstration of a simple Eliza 'chatbot' written in Pop-11
The Chat-Bot. This ELIZA version was entirely rewritten by me (Kai Kostack) and is almost an exact port of the original program. But I have also introduced...
Text based. ELIZA was a program written by Joseph Weizenbaum in 1967.
DOS, BASIC source. ELIZA is a famous dialog program written in 1966 by Joseph Weizenbaum at MIT. This is a fast upload I did on Jan 20. 1999 to satisfy stu...
The Computer Therapist - The original ELIZA first appeared in the 60's. She seems almost human. This example of artificial intelligence works best, however...
DOS Direct download link.
Qbasic source
Eliza AI Chat Bot
Have no friends? Eliza is the one for you! She'll give you words of wisdom, help, support, and will never make you feel alone. Tell her all your deepest fe...
ELIZAneth a rogerian psychoterapist.
Eliza's Brain
Ellie dates to 2002.
A User-Friendly Chatterbot for Windows
This is where the ultimate natural language robot is taking shape. Take a few minutes to explore and learn about Ella's achievements and future as a rob...
Text based Eliza inspired, still functioning, but appears abandoned.
This robot is trained to give you some answers. This robot is young and has not much experience yet. All your questions will be logged and will make eventu...
Eloisa Project
Inventing a new medium. Man-machine conversation is now available in 4 languages - Italian, English, French, Spanish - thanks to the Dialogue Engine techno...
Text based. "Like many other bots on the web, ELS started life as a set of 40 files known as the 'AAA set', however not all of the information contained wi...
Emma - chatShopper
[Messenger] Our shopping chatbot Emma helps you to find the perfect fashion products - from jackets to sneakers and accessories. Currently available in Ger...
Cold Personality Forge bot.
Text box Pandorabot.
Our chatbot - Eva - was created by Stanusch Technologies SA. Eva, just 4 weeks after launch, competed in Swansea (UK) for the Loebner Prize 2019 with ...